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Your training time at 7 pm on the specified date that you have booked.

please show up on time to make the most out of this training because it is only one hour!

Place: Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library, King’s Buildings, The University of Edinburgh
Thomas Bayes Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FG

* Important: please if you want to cancel your booking or no longer able to come, please contact us at least 2 days before your booked date to give your slot to another person.

our email is admin@technolion.net

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WordPress training course outline

  • Please note that you will need to bring a laptop (PC, Mac or Chromebook) as the course is ‘hands-on’
  • The course is great if you want to learn how to build a new website from scratch
  • Attendees get a WordPress training site to learn on during the day and for 7 days after the course for FREE
  • All attendees get electronic copies of the training materials used throughout the training
  • No experience required. As long as you can use a computer you will be able to build a great looking website with WordPress.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • How to get a domain name and a hosting
  • How to install WordPress 

How to publish posts, pages, images and video

  • How to manage content in WordPress
  • How to create professional looking pages and posts
  • Inserting media – images, video and audio
  • How to edit images
  • Tagging and categorising your posts
  • How to create and arrange menus
  • How to manage widgets
  • How to monitor and moderate comments

How to customize your site appearance

  • Themes and how can you customise them
  • How to install themes

How to add more functionalities with WordPress plugins

  • How to install plugins
  • How to manage plugins
  • How to add users 

  • WordPress Tools

  • Import & export data

  • Overview of WordPress Settings

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For any questions or inquiries please contact us at admin@technolion.net

We can help you to build your website as well, just drop us an email!